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J Green Electric LLC Electrical Services

Commercial Electrician

With qualified commercial electricians on our team, J Green Electric LLC provides expert commercial installations and repairs. We are licensed and insured contractors, and proud to provide an excellent and reliable service. As professionals in the industry, we are equipped to handle all of your commercial electrical needs. We work diligently to maintain our reputation as the highest-rated commercial electricians. Read More

Commercial Lighting

More than just a way to see what's going on around you, lighting is incredibly powerful. The right lighting can transform a hard to navigate warehouse into a space where objects are easy to locate, while increasing visibility in a parking lot can also increase how safe users feel when trying to find their car at night. Read More

Lighting Installation

Your home is an investment, and the best way to keep up your property value is to make it look and feel good. J Green Electric LLC is committed to enhancing the visibility and appeal of your home to make it a safer and more enjoyable place. We provide exceptional quality lighting installation services to homeowners. Regardless of the size or scope of your lighting installation project, we have the skills, expertise, and materials to make it work. Read More

New Construction Electrical

Building a business from the bottom up is an exciting prospect for any owner. Once the foundation is up, many owners start to envision what the final result will look like, until they realize they still have to wire their entire business for electrical systems. That’s where we come in. J Green Electric LLC is proud to be the contractor of choice for new construction electrical services. Read More

Standby Generator

As a business, you are tasked with the responsibility of overseeing your businesses' safety, comfort, and functionality. That’s why it helps if you are always prepared for the unexpected. When the lights or power goes out in your workplace, the last thing you want to do is wait. Each moment that your electricity is out, the less safe and secure your business becomes. Keep area power failures from being an issue by purchasing a stand by generator you can depend on. Read More

Surge Protection

Surge protection may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of electrical work, but it's central to the proper functioning of your business's electrical system. Take a moment and think about everything on your property currently plugged into an electrical source. From large equipment like printers to the smallest clocks, there are dozens of things that require electricity, and are therefore vulnerable to power surges. Read More